Antrim Coast Northern Ireland

Stormy Skies Over the Antrim Coast

Antrim Coast – Northern Ireland This is a photograph taken high above the coastline while on the way to Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. I’m still not quite sure how we made it, but we did. More information about this incredible route can be found here.
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Golden Canyon Death Valley National Park

Golden Canyon at Death Valley National Park

Back at Death Valley today, here’s a shot of a hike we took. This was part of the Golden Canyon hike, which we stretched out all the way to Zabriskie Point. It was a little challenging but well worth the effort to see this beautiful spot.
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Bowl Hike Gunlock Utah

On the way to the Bowl Hike

This was another interesting formation we saw while hiking to The Bowl, an interesting hike outside of St. George. More information about that particular hike may be found here.
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