Amur Tiger Columbus Zoo

Water Break at the Columbus Zoo

In case you missed last week’s bears from the Columbus Zoo, here’s a different local resident. This is one of the Amur Tigers, just a beautiful animal. Here’s a pro tip for visiting the zoo: do a little online research and determine when feeding times are. It’s pretty cool to watch one of these tigers take
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Grizzly Bears Columbus Zoo

Grizzly Bears of Dublin, Ohio

I don’t have much to say today, mainly because I think I had some Indian food that was particularly rough on my stomach. Until I have more to say, enjoy these two bears jawing at each other from the Columbus Zoo.
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White Pelican

Pelicans and Party Boats

I photographed this White Pelican a while back down in Ft. Myers Beach in Florida. I took it from a fishing charter, known affectionately as the “Party Boat.” The charter was actually the “Night Snapper Trip”, a 6pm-1am voyage about 30 miles off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The boat is quite large,
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